You like to combine colour, originality and elegance with your style; the multicoloured braided belt is perfect for you. Inspired by our plained elastic woven belt models, this accessory plays with the relief of seasoned braiding to highlight trendy and contemporary colours. « The Casablanca » represents the history and the charming of this beautiful city. Its colours are inspired by its buildings, its atmosphere and its influence on the world.

In addition to its design, we thought multicoloured woven belt for its comfort and resistance. Custom adjustable thanks to its elasticity, it adapts to all silhouettes and closes at the desired level with its zinc alloy buckle. Its resistant full-grain Calfskin leather inserts provide a refined detail and a play of materials that is as discreet as it is timeless.

Its width of 3.2 cm will fit most of your trouser loops.



  • Elastic woven belt 
  • Belt without holes : adapts to all body types
  • Finish : calfskin leather
  • Buckle : zinc alloy
  • Width : 3.2 cm 
  • Comes in a BILLYBELT cotton pouch
  • Unisex model 


Size 1 - 28"-34" waist

Size 2 - 34"-40" waist


This belt is a must-have in your wardrobe. You will find, in the BILLYBELT's collection, different men's and women's belts. The style of all belts is comfortable and trendy, all adapted to your style. Our belts are made with trusted and experimented partners. To manufacture them, we use natural materials like leather, wool and cotton and technical material to give you comfort all day and a longer lifespan. And for all belts, we offer you a 100% raw cotton pouch to tidy up your belt at home or to transport it wherever you want. 



Billy Belt - Casablanca