This chap has been squirreled away all year, but the festive season has finally arrived and he couldn't be happier to show off his new get up! Santa Squirrel's body and face have been needle felted, including his cheeky expression. His coat and hat have also been needle felted, and his big bushy tail is made from natural, fluffy wool. Made using entirely biodegradable materials.


Type: Hanging Decoration
Dimensions: 10cm x 5cm
Material: 100% wool
Suitable from: 3 years
Manufacturing: Handmade Needle Felted


We are passionate about creating high quality, long-lasting products that don’t compromise on design and showcase the beauty of natural materials.

Therefore, our products are made from 100% sustainable wool and are entirely plastic free!

Every adorable accessory or wacky expression has been lovingly hand stitched using organic cotton thread or needle felted. We don’t use glue in any of our products.

Unlike similar felted products, you will never find any sneaky polystyrene centres in our characters. Just natural wool.

In 2020, all plastic buttons, plastic beading and embellishments were removed from our products and replaced with wooden/biodegradable/ natural alternatives.

We also changed our labelling, replacing the plastic Kimble with natural string and opting for a natural paper label.

We are also in the process of using up our inner/ delivery packaging to be replaced with paper tape, recycled bags, paper and boxes.

Handmade Felt Santa Squirrel Hanging Christmas Decoration